Stone Restoration Master Course
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Instructor(s) : Fred Hueston
Tuition Fee : $4,880.00
Duration : 5-days
Upcoming Dates
07-18-2022 through 07-22-2022

Course Overview

This program includes 5 days of intensive hands-on training plus supplemental integrated eLearning lessons, valuable resources, and on-going support all designed to prepare you for jobs in the real world.

The Stone Restoration Master Course includes 5 days of hands-on training plus additional integrated eLearning lessons for Marble and Stone Floor Restoration, Stone Countertops and Walls Restoration, Engineered Stone Restoration, and Granite Floor Restoration. Additionally, the student will have access to the eLearning courses, Stain Care Pro, and Understanding Sealers for Stone and Masonry. The program is designed to give a strong foundation for those new or recent to the stone restoration industry, or for the more seasoned contractors to learn ways to improve efficiency and productivity. When you register for your Stone Restoration Master Course Certificate program, there is an overall savings on tuition for the bundle of courses compared to tuition prices when the courses are scheduled separately.

Hands-on Lab, Supplemental eLearning, Resources, and On-going Support

There is a five-student maximum per hands-on lab class, which means you’ll get plenty of one-on-one time with the instructors to ask questions and get feedback. You will have your own equipment to use, so there won’t be any waiting and watching for your turn while others work. You’ll gain a lot of understanding about each of the processes, with the majority of your time spent actually working on the floors and surfaces.

With the eLearning lessons, you can circle back through the lessons as often as needed to review processes and procedures.

Many resources will be provided, and for on-going support, students can post questions through the discussion community and expert, seasoned pros, as well as your peers will provide feedback. Additional resources include the troubleshooting Knowledge Base with a glossary of industry terms, plus access to the interactive stone database.

Still Have Questions?

Will I earn a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Students completing this program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

What is the Master Course Certified badge?

The Stone Restoration Master Course Certified badge provides a visible and tangible validation to be used on your business website, vehicle wraps, print material, and other marketing collateral to enable industry professionals secure more work and promote your business with confidence. Commercial and residential clients associate the Stone and Tile Restoration Master Course Certified badge with confidence that the contractor is qualified to successfully restore their stone and tile surfaces.


Who should register for the Master Course Certificate program?

While we encourage anyone, from beginners to veterans, to register and complete the Master Course Certificate program, we offer a friendly word of warning to those who think it will be easy. In order to maintain the integrity of the Master Course Certificate program, our instructors require rigorous and meticulous participation from students. However, students who complete the requirements leave armed with the knowledge they need to provide superior craftsmanship and time-saving techniques to cut costs and increase revenue, as well as formal recognition of training.