Extended Tech Support from Stone Forensics

You don’t have to feel like you’re out there all by yourself.

Even professionally trained and experienced stone restoration contractors can find themselves up against unexpected challenges…

  • Why won’t this marble take a shine?
  • Can I actually remove this stain?
  • I’ve got an opportunity with a historical property. Now what?
  • How do I treat this unique stone?
  • How should I quote for this huge job?
  • What products will work best for this job?
  • I need some marketing guidance!

If you ever find yourself asking any of these questions, isn’t it nice to know you have a safety net? Getting stuck on a job that is giving you problems you just can’t seem to resolve can eat up your profits fast. Being able to bid confidently on a job with unique requirements could make the difference in both getting the job and making it a profitable one. The Stone and Tile School’s Extended Support Hotline is designed to help you successfully overcome these and other real world challenges. We make it easy for you to access this valuable resource.



Email support is available for sending questions that do not necessarily need immediate attention but a written response would be acceptable or when pictures are requested. Pictures are worth 1000 words and will help us to better see the problem you are facing. When providing pictures, remember that multiple pictures, showing close-ups, landscapes, different angles, etc. all help us to help you more.


Simply call your provided Technical Support Hotline number from any of your pre-registered phone numbers. As an active member of the Technical Support Hotline program your phone number(s) are logged into our system and your call will be answered. If your call goes to voice mail it will be responded to as soon as possible, within a 24-hour period, provided it falls within the Technical Support Hotline phone support hours.


One semi-annual payment of $695.00 or $1200.00 for one full year of support. (Can be paid in $100/mo increments!) REMEMBER… This very affordable program can not only save you time and money on jobs but save your reputation with your customer.

Contact Fred Hueston directly  for more details and to subscribe: fhueston@stoneforensics.com or call (321) 514-6845.

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