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Can Corian™ and cultured marble be treated like real marble?

Q. Can Corian™ and cultured marble be treated like real marble?

A. The daily care and cleaning of Corian™ and cultured marble are similar to that of natural marble, but professional repair and restoration methods are different.

If your customer needs basic cleaning and care recommendations, refer them to this free, downloadable Stone and Tile Care Guide. (SurpHaces PRO Partners have this resource on their website, branded with their company logo and contact info. To learn more about what it means to be a SurpHaces PRO, visit

Here's a tip from world-renowned natural stone expert, Fred Hueston: If your customer is not sure what type of countertop material they have, ask them to put a drop of vinegar on the surface in an inconspicuous place. It if leaves a dull spot, then it is likely marble. 

Professional stone and tile restoration contractors understand that diamond abrasives used on real marble could ruin Corian™ and cultured marble, because these types of materials are made with colored resin.

Light scratches and burn marks on cultured marble may be gently abraded with extremely fine sandpaper. The scratches from the sandpaper may be polished out by buffing with a soft, white cloth and polishing compounds (the automotive kind). 

If you are working with a Corian™ surface, you may be able to buy a repair and polish kit at your local dealer.

While in many cases, Corian™ can be repaired and restored, cultured marble has a thin gel coat that makes restoration very difficult. Most pros would rather recommend replacement than work with cultured marble.

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