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I always seem to have trouble honing and polishing the marble along the baseboards. It is very time consuming honing and polishing with a hand machine. Is there an easier way?

Blending the edges has always seemed to be a problem for marble refinishers. There are several methods that can make the job a little easier: Feathering- Most of the time the edges of a marble floor do not require any work. After all people do not walk up against the wall. For this reason you may be able to blend into the wall by feathering. This is accomplished by overlapping each of your grits by several inches. For example if you are starting with a sixty grit you would work the grit and stay about 12 inches from the wall. When you begin your next grit, the 120, you would overlap the sixty grit by two inches moving ten inches from the wall. You would continue this overlapping pattern until your last grit and then you would polish all the way to the wall. It takes some practice and some care but it sure beats getting on your knees with a hand machine.

Automatic Feathering There are available drive plates that have positioning slots on the bottom which will allow automatic feathering. This plate works as follows: The first grit would be placed in the center of the plate. The next grit would be placed about ½ inch from the previous grit and so forth , moving the successive grit toward the edge of the plate. The machine in this manner can be run all the way to the wall and the feathering is automatic.

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