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 Stone & Tile Restoration

Can a poultice be used outdoors?

Yes, but be sure to cover with plastic in the case of rain. You may find that the poultice may dry too rapidly outdoors. Try covering with black plastic to block the sun light. TIP To prevent rain from washing the poultice away you can place a five... Read More

My client has a terrible problem with hard water deposits in their ceramic tile shower. They were told that installing a water softener would solve this problem. What is your recommendation?

I definitely agree. A water softener will remove most of the minerals that cause hard-water deposits and they will probably use less soap and shampoo, avoiding soap build-up as well. A solution of vinegar and water will help remove the spotting, but... Read More

Will application of an impregnator make the stone slippery?

If the product you are using is a true impregnator it will not add or subtract from the slip-resistance of the stone. The impregnator is designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone. Check the product label carefully.CAUTION If an impregnator... Read More

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