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Will application of an impregnator make the stone slippery?

If the product you are using is a true impregnator it will not add or subtract from the slip-resistance of the stone. The impregnator is designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone. Check the product label carefully.CAUTION If an impregnator... Read More

We have a beautiful set of stone steps leading to our front door. They are polished and very slippery when it rains. Is there any treatment we can apply to make them less slippery? I am afraid someone will fall and break their neck.

There are several options for making the steps less slippery. Option 1. The steps can be honed and the polish removed. The high-gloss shine will be gone, but the steps will be less slippery. Option 2. Slip tape can purchased at your hardware or home... Read More

Is granite more porous than marble?

Yes, granite is more porous then marble. The pores in granite are generally much larger than marble and therefore will absorb more water. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to apply an impregnating sealer to granite. FYI Most people consider... Read More

I have to restore an outdoor sign that is made of a black agglomerate marble, the sign is faded and is very gray. I performed a small test patch and I was successful at restoring the sign. The question I have is, what caused the agglomerate to fade a

Agglomerate marbles are made of a combination of marble chips and a polyester resin. Polyester resins are very sensitive to ultraviolet light(UV) and therefore should not be used outdoors. To answer your question, yes, the marble will fade in a very... Read More