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I have a white marble floor that has been coated with a polyurethane -- the same type that is applied to wood floors. What is the best method to remove the urethane? Can I grind it off or will I need to use a stripper of some sort?

Depending on how thick the urethane is you might be able to grind it off. Grinding can be difficult and can clog your abrasives. The best solution will be to chemically strip the tile. Use a stripper designed for removing polyurethane. Be careful... Read More

My technician has told me that after completing the routine maintenance then finishing off with mopping a marble tile floor on a hotel maintenance contract, there are streaks across it when it dries. We have tried several different cleaners, yet I al

The streaking may be caused by any one of a number of problems. The mop you are using may be dirty. Use a clean string mop and make a point of only using it for the marble floor. Wring the mop out several times as you clean the floor. Are you using... Read More

After I finished grinding a marble floor with a 120 grit I noticed that the is grout missing. Can I replace the missing grout without removing all the grout? How do I match the color of the existing grout?

Yes, you can replace the missing grout. Be sure to use only unsanded grout . You will also need to wait 24 hours before proceeding with honing or you can wait until you have polished the floor and then replace the grout. Matching the color of the... Read More

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