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I have to rehone and polish a black granite lobby floor located in an office building. Most of the granite is in good condition and doesn’t really need any work. The only area that is worn and dull is a path leading from the entrance door to th

To answer your question simply, yes, it is possible, but requires a great deal of experience and is very time consuming. At the time of this writing there are only several companies that can blend black granite with a factory appearance. The... Read More

How do you get the color back in a black absolute granite. I ground the tiles flat and used diamonds all the way to a 3000 grit as directed by the diamond manufacture. I have a good shine on the granite but it has a hazy white color and doesn’t

Polishing black granite is very difficult and requires a lot of patience and is very time consuming. Here are several suggestions which should help: Make sure you are using a granite polishing compound.* Marble polishing powders will not work on... Read More

I have a granite kitchen counter top that is uneven. The top is made up of two slabs. The slabs are uneven where they join at the grout line. Can I grind the slab and even it out and more importantly can I match the existing shine?

You can grind the uneven counter flat but, I would first check to see why the slabs are uneven. It is possible that the plywood under the slabs has shifted or the granite was installed uneven. Check to make sure the slabs are secure. After the... Read More

Which granites are harder, black, red or salt/peppers?

There are many types of granites. The black granites are generally softer than others. The granites that wear easily are much softer then those that appear to last forever. FYI There are many types of granites and some fall into a category geological... Read More

I am having trouble coloring a polyester with black color. It seems that if I add too much color the polyester gets gummy and difficult to mix. I am trying to mix a deep black to match a repair in a black absolute granite, any suggestions?

If you mix too much color with polyesters they will get gummy. I would suggest purchasing a black polyester. These are available from your stone chemical supplier. You may also want to try using an artists oil color called “Lamp Black”. This is... Read More

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