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I am having a lot of trouble trying to match the color on a norweign rose marble. The stone has a lot of chips that I need to fill and I can’t seem to get the color matched. Do you have any helpful hints?

You are probably using a white or buff colored polyester. These colored polyesters are hard to color since they have a bright translucent hue. The best polyester to use would be a transparent type. To mix the proper color you can purchase artists oil... Read More

Can cracks in terrazzo be repaired? How?

Yes, cracks can be repaired. Depending on the width of the crack, it can be filled with a polyester resin. If the crack is small, clean it thoroughly with acetone, making sure to remove all dirt; a dental pick may prove useful here. After the crack... Read More

I have to restore an outdoor sign that is made of a black agglomerate marble, the sign is faded and is very gray. I performed a small test patch and I was successful at restoring the sign. The question I have is, what caused the agglomerate to fade a

Agglomerate marbles are made of a combination of marble chips and a polyester resin. Polyester resins are very sensitive to ultraviolet light(UV) and therefore should not be used outdoors. To answer your question, yes, the marble will fade in a very... Read More

Is it possible to polish a terrazzo floor like marble?

Terrazzo is in fact a marble floor. Terrazzo is comprised of marble chips mixed with Portland cement and polishes just like a marble floor. Many terrazzo contractors hone the terrazzo to about a 80 or 120 grit and apply a wax coating. If you continue... Read More