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The shine on our travertine marble floor has not looked even since it was installed. Many areas have dull spots. The installer told us this was characteristic of the stone, but I’ve noticed that a local hotel has the same travertine, and it loo

Your installer is correct. Most travertine contains many holes that are filled with a cement filler. The cement filler does not take a shine when polished—hence the dull spots. The floor you observed at the hotel has probably been coated with a... Read More

I am having trouble polishing a travertine floor. I can get a good polish except for the fact that I have a lot of dull spots on the floor. Why is this and is there a way I can make the shine even across the surface?

Travertine is a marble that has a lot of holes. These holes are filed at the factory with a colored Portland cement. When you polish the marble the fillers do not take a polish. This is why you get dull spots. The only way to eliminate the dull spots... Read More