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I have been poulticing a stain on a red granite counter top using a clay poultice and a commercial degreaser. When I remove the poultice the area where the poultice was is very dark and does not seem to dry out and lighten. What causes this and how c

This is a very common problem on granite. Granite is a very porous stone, more porous than most marble. Because of its porous nature, granite has the ability to retain a great deal of moisture. The dark area in this case may simply be excessive... Read More

Can an impregnator be used to waterproof stone?

No. Be careful, the idea of an impregnator is to make the stone water resistant, not waterproof. In order to make the stone waterproof we would need to completely block the pores of the stone. If this is desired I would recommend a topical coating.... Read More

Can I use an oscillating sander to hone a marble table top?

Of course you can use an oscillating sander but an oscillating sander tends to leave a stray scratch pattern that can be difficult to remove. I have found the best method is to use a rotary polisher for best results. TIP If the top is large enough... Read More

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