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I tried polishing a green marble tile, I think it was called Taiwan green. The marble was shiny but it did not have the depth that most marbles have. Is there a technique I can use to get the depth and clarity?

Many green marbles will not have the depth of shine that other marbles have. The greens from Asia are some of these types. The surface will have a good shine but little clarity.Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to give the stone any... Read More

We have a beautiful set of stone steps leading to our front door. They are polished and very slippery when it rains. Is there any treatment we can apply to make them less slippery? I am afraid someone will fall and break their neck.

There are several options for making the steps less slippery. Option 1. The steps can be honed and the polish removed. The high-gloss shine will be gone, but the steps will be less slippery. Option 2. Slip tape can purchased at your hardware or home... Read More

My client has a terrible problem with hard water deposits in their ceramic tile shower. They were told that installing a water softener would solve this problem. What is your recommendation?

I definitely agree. A water softener will remove most of the minerals that cause hard-water deposits and they will probably use less soap and shampoo, avoiding soap build-up as well. A solution of vinegar and water will help remove the spotting, but... Read More

I have a maintenance account that has twelve mens restrooms that all contain a white Italian marble. There is a constant problem with urine stains at the base of all the urinals. What, if anything, can I apply to the marble to keep it from staining?

There are numerous products on the market that will repel water and oil. Unfortunately urine is an acid and currently there is no product on the market that will repel acid. My advice would be to apply a good quality oil-repellent impregnator and to... Read More

Can I speed up the drying time of a silicon impregnator?

Several fans place on the stone will help speed up the drying and curing time. Turning the air conditioner down low will also help speed the drying process. Regardless of the drying time, most silicon based impregantors will continue to cure for a... Read More

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