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I have a maintenance account that has twelve mens restrooms that all contain a white Italian marble. There is a constant problem with urine stains at the base of all the urinals. What, if anything, can I apply to the marble to keep it from staining?

There are numerous products on the market that will repel water and oil. Unfortunately urine is an acid and currently there is no product on the market that will repel acid. My advice would be to apply a good quality oil-repellent impregnator and to... Read More

We have Italian marble on the lobby floors in our commercial office buildings. Recently, we have noticed several problems: 1. Entire tiles are evenly discoloring yellow or grey and 2) Rust-like stains are appearing in an area near the door. What

The yellowing and graying of certain Italian and Greek white marbles is a common problem that I see all over the country. There are several possible causes for this condition: Maintenance technique-Take a close look at your maintenance program. Are... Read More

Is it OK to use a vacuum cleaner on my marble floors?

Yes and no. A vacuum cleaner can be an excellent tool for eliminating dust and dirt, but you must be sure that it will not scratch the marble. Check the bottom of the vac and make sure there will be no metal rubbing on the stone as you move it back... Read More

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