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I have an unusual problem. A customer of mine installed a limestone wall on the outside of his property. It is adjacent to and old limestone wall that has a growth of algae, mold and lichens. Can I get the new wall to look like?

In other words how can I grow algae and molds on the new wall? For this question I contacted a bryolgist at a major university. Bryologly is the study of molds and fungus. He gave me the following formula. Prepare the following mixture and paint it... Read More

When I try to powder polish a botticino marble it gets dull spots. The more I polish the duller these spots get. I’ve tried rehoning with a higher grit and I still get dull spots. Is there a way I can polish without getting dull spots?

Some botticino marble have areas that are soft. These soft areas are the cause of the dull spots you describe. The polishing powder is eroding these soft spots. There are several techniques for polishing these dull areas. First, do not use polishing... Read More