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We have Italian marble on the lobby floors in our commercial office buildings. Recently, we have noticed several problems: 1. Entire tiles are evenly discoloring yellow or grey and 2) Rust-like stains are appearing in an area near the door. What

The yellowing and graying of certain Italian and Greek white marbles is a common problem that I see all over the country. There are several possible causes for this condition: Maintenance technique-Take a close look at your maintenance program. Are... Read More

Several weeks ago, our hot water heater developed a leak and flooded our kitchen floor. The floor is a white statuary marble, and it is starting to turn yellow. It is ten years old and we never had this problem until the flood. What’s happening

The problem you describe is very common with certain white marbles. Many marbles contain naturally occurring iron as part of their mineral make-up. When the stone is exposed to water for any length of time, its iron content begins to oxidize and turn... Read More

What gives stone its color?

The color in all stone is derived from minerals and organic matter. For example red marbles are red due to the presences of iron. Green marble gets its color from a mineral called serpentine and so forth. There are several excellent books on rock and... Read More

What is a breccia marble?

Breccia is an Italian word for breach or broken pieces. When marble is formed deep in the earth it will sometimes be exposed to earthquakes, which will break the marble into many pieces. Over thousands of years the marble will glue itself back... Read More