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I applied a water based penetrating sealer to a marble floor and it left a very thin film on the surface that has a rainbow color to it. I have tried everything to remove it and it won’t budge. How can I remove this film?

This is a common problem with water based impregnators that contain sodium methylsiliconate. The film can only be removed by re-polishing the floor with polishing powder and a buff colored pad. If the film is real thick it may need to be honed off.... Read More

How do I apply an impregnator to a vertical wall surface?

The best way to apply to a vertical wall is to use a roller, cloth or lambs wool applicator. Thoroughly saturate the applicator in sealer and apply to wall from the bottom up. Continue to apply making sure to thoroughly saturate the surface. This may... Read More

Can a poultice be used on other surfaces beside stone?

Yes, most poultice powders can be used on any porous surface such as concrete, Mexican tile, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cultured marble, CORIAN etc. Always test first for compatibility. TIP Poultice powders work very well for removing oil spots... Read More

We just sealed our marble tile with a water-based sealer. There is now a light, rainbow-like film on the surface of the tile. I have used every cleaner I could purchase to try get it off, but it won’t budge. Any suggestions?

The sealer has left a hard silicone residue on the tile’s surface. To remove the excess silicone, the tile will have to be scrubbed with an abrasive cleaner. Several kitchen-type abrasive cleaners are available which will remove this film. If... Read More

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