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When I polish a marble floor I am having trouble with the edges of the tile being shinier than the rest of the floor. This shiny edge is a thin line running from one corner of the tile. It appears to be on the low side of the tile where my diamon

The shiny edges are what we call “v” edges, since they normally form a “v” along two edges of the tile. You are correct in that these “v” edges are areas that are lower than the adjacent tile and your diamonds are not touching these areas... Read More

We have an interior granite wall that has some silicon caulking used in the grout joints. The silicon caused staining along the grout edges. We poulticed the stain and successful removed the staining, However after three months the stain is returning

First, did you remove the silicon caulking. If the source of the staining is not removed it will continue to be a problem. I would recommend removing the silicon caulking and replacing it with a non-staining urethane caulking. If you did remove the... Read More

I have these circular scratches in a large granite floor. The scratch pattern is in a row of three in each tile and is about ten inches in diameter. The tiles are 12 by 24 inches and the scratch pattern runs perpendicular to the longer edge of the ti

If these scratch patterns are what I think they are then they probably occurred during fabrication. Some polishing machines have ten inch diameter polishing heads. It is not unusual to have these patterns show up after the floor has been polished.... Read More

I have a marble floor that I have to grind, hone and polish the edges with a hand machine. Every time I do this I seem to be getting soaking wet due to all the water I need to use. Is there a way to do this with less water?

The reason you require all the water is because your machine is too fast. Slow the machine down to the same speed as your floor buffer and you will require a lot less water. If your machine is not equipped with variable speed you can purchase a... Read More

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