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Is it safe to use an acid to clean a flamed finish granite?

All acids should be used with caution on any stone surfaces. Granite is one stone type where most acids will not harm it. However, stay away from hydrochloric acid (HCL). HCL can deposit salts in the granites pores if not rinsed throughly. I would... Read More

Can a marble floor be flamed like a granite floor?

No. Most marble, with the exception of certain limestones, cannot be flamed. The mineral make up of marble will not allow the surface to become flamed. Trying to do so will only burn the surface. FYI If you come across an unknown stone surface and it... Read More

I have to polish a narrow strip of granite that runs as a border along side a strip of flamed granite. The polished granite strips are about six inches wide. How do I hone the polished granite without honing the flamed granite?

The situation you describe is becoming increasingly popular. It seems designers and architects are mixing different finishes together making it very difficult to restore the polished portion. The only way to restore the polished granite without... Read More

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