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I have a marble floor job that has several coats of polyurethane on it. I want to remove this coating and restore the stone to its original condition but the floor is located in a hospital and I cannot use any chemical that has a noxious odor.

There are several ways to remove polyurethane coatings without using strong odor chemicals. Space age technology has arrived and there are some new products on the market available for removing these coatings and some have no odor at all. These... Read More

I have a new customer that just bought a house that has a beautiful marble floor. The floor has had several coats of wax applied to it. What is the best way to remove the old wax? Secondly, the customer says they want it to be re-waxed. Your thoughts

Use Stonecare PRO Signature Stripper Degreaser for Marble. Always test the stripper in a small area to make sure there are no adverse effects. Chances are that when all the wax is removed, the marble will appear dull. Let your customer know that... Read More

I was called to remove a heavy wax coating on a granite floor. I’ve discovered that the janitorial company has been stripping and waxing this floor for several years. The problem is the granite is developing small pits and appears to be falling

The problem may be with the strippers that have been used. Many strippers have an alkaline pH and this can lead to the deposit of alkaline salts in the pores of the granite. If the stripper is not rinsed throughly and any stripper residue is left... Read More

I have a white marble floor that has been coated with a polyurethane -- the same type that is applied to wood floors. What is the best method to remove the urethane? Can I grind it off or will I need to use a stripper of some sort?

Depending on how thick the urethane is you might be able to grind it off. Grinding can be difficult and can clog your abrasives. The best solution will be to chemically strip the tile. Use a stripper designed for removing polyurethane. Be careful... Read More

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