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We have Italian marble on the lobby floors in our commercial office buildings. Recently, we have noticed several problems: 1. Entire tiles are evenly discoloring yellow or grey and 2) Rust-like stains are appearing in an area near the door. What

The yellowing and graying of certain Italian and Greek white marbles is a common problem that I see all over the country. There are several possible causes for this condition: Maintenance technique-Take a close look at your maintenance program. Are... Read More

I have a marble floor job that has several coats of polyurethane on it. I want to remove this coating and restore the stone to its original condition but the floor is located in a hospital and I cannot use any chemical that has a noxious odor.

There are several ways to remove polyurethane coatings without using strong odor chemicals. Space age technology has arrived and there are some new products on the market available for removing these coatings and some have no odor at all. These... Read More

Will application of an impregnator make the stone slippery?

If the product you are using is a true impregnator it will not add or subtract from the slip-resistance of the stone. The impregnator is designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone. Check the product label carefully.CAUTION If an impregnator... Read More

Here is a question I am asked quite frequently. “My dog is not yet housebroken, and is constantly urinating on my marble floor. I’ve found that I can clean off the urine without staining, but a dull area is left afterwards. Also, how can I elim

Let your customer know that urine contains acid which will etch the marble surface. As for the odor, pet shops and supermarkets carry several products which use enzymes to destroy the odor of urine. Follow the manufacturer’s directions... Read More

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