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I have been poulticing a stain on a red granite counter top using a clay poultice and a commercial degreaser. When I remove the poultice the area where the poultice was is very dark and does not seem to dry out and lighten. What causes this and how c

This is a very common problem on granite. Granite is a very porous stone, more porous than most marble. Because of its porous nature, granite has the ability to retain a great deal of moisture. The dark area in this case may simply be excessive... Read More

My granite floor appears to be developing cracks beneath its surface. These cracks do not go all the way through the tile, but can be seen only in a bright light and only at certain angles. It almost looks as if they’re cracking from the bottom

The condition you are describing is called compression cracking. It is caused by movement of the substrate to which the granite is attached. If the granite tile is set over a plywood floor supported by joists, movement in the floor may be responsible... Read More

Here’s a question my customer has asked and I don’t quite know how to answer. “Every time it rains, a blotchy light-and-dark stain appears on my granite sidewalk. If it stays dry for several weeks, it goes away. What is happening, and can

Most granite is very absorbent, and will soak up a large quantity of water. What your customer is seeing is moisture in the granite, which can take anywhere from several days to several months to dry out. Once the granite dries apply a penetrating... Read More

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