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How do I apply an impregnator to a vertical wall surface?

The best way to apply to a vertical wall is to use a roller, cloth or lambs wool applicator. Thoroughly saturate the applicator in sealer and apply to wall from the bottom up. Continue to apply making sure to thoroughly saturate the surface. This may... Read More

Will a silicone impregnator turn a limestone floor dark?

All silicon based impregnators should be tested first in an inconspicuous area. We have found that certain limestones and an occasional granite will become permanently dark. Apply the impregnator and wait at least 24 hours before making a... Read More

Can an impregnator be used to waterproof stone?

No. Be careful, the idea of an impregnator is to make the stone water resistant, not waterproof. In order to make the stone waterproof we would need to completely block the pores of the stone. If this is desired I would recommend a topical coating.... Read More

Can a impregnator be over-applied?

Yes. To properly apply an impregnator it is important that the stone is thoroughly saturated with sealer. If too much sealer is applied it will puddle on the surface. This excess should be removed, otherwise it will dry and form a sticky residue. If... Read More

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