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Can an impregnator be used to waterproof stone?

No. Be careful, the idea of an impregnator is to make the stone water resistant, not waterproof. In order to make the stone waterproof we would need to completely block the pores of the stone. If this is desired I would recommend a topical coating.... Read More

Can a poultice be used outdoors?

Yes, but be sure to cover with plastic in the case of rain. You may find that the poultice may dry too rapidly outdoors. Try covering with black plastic to block the sun light. TIP To prevent rain from washing the poultice away you can place a five... Read More

When I try to powder polish a botticino marble it gets dull spots. The more I polish the duller these spots get. I’ve tried rehoning with a higher grit and I still get dull spots. Is there a way I can polish without getting dull spots?

Some botticino marble have areas that are soft. These soft areas are the cause of the dull spots you describe. The polishing powder is eroding these soft spots. There are several techniques for polishing these dull areas. First, do not use polishing... Read More

I tried polishing a green marble tile, I think it was called Taiwan green. The marble was shiny but it did not have the depth that most marbles have. Is there a technique I can use to get the depth and clarity?

Many green marbles will not have the depth of shine that other marbles have. The greens from Asia are some of these types. The surface will have a good shine but little clarity.Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to give the stone any... Read More