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I have to polish a narrow strip of granite that runs as a border along side a strip of flamed granite. The polished granite strips are about six inches wide. How do I hone the polished granite without honing the flamed granite?

The situation you describe is becoming increasingly popular. It seems designers and architects are mixing different finishes together making it very difficult to restore the polished portion. The only way to restore the polished granite without... Read More

I have these circular scratches in a large granite floor. The scratch pattern is in a row of three in each tile and is about ten inches in diameter. The tiles are 12 by 24 inches and the scratch pattern runs perpendicular to the longer edge of the ti

If these scratch patterns are what I think they are then they probably occurred during fabrication. Some polishing machines have ten inch diameter polishing heads. It is not unusual to have these patterns show up after the floor has been polished.... Read More

I have been told that there is a shelf life to grinding bricks. I have been using the Frankfurt style bricks and I have many that are several years old. Do I run into the danger of the bricks being bad?

Most bricks are made of material known as magnasite. The magnasite has a shelf life of about one year. If you have bricks that are made of magnasite and they are older than one year you risk the chance of them falling apart. There are newer bricks... Read More

When I polish a marble floor I am having trouble with the edges of the tile being shinier than the rest of the floor. This shiny edge is a thin line running from one corner of the tile. It appears to be on the low side of the tile where my diamon

The shiny edges are what we call “v” edges, since they normally form a “v” along two edges of the tile. You are correct in that these “v” edges are areas that are lower than the adjacent tile and your diamonds are not touching these areas... Read More

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