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I am polishing a black marble floor and am having trouble with the grout lines. The polishing powder is leaving a white residue in the black grout lines and it is difficult to clean them. Do you have any suggestions?

There are several ways to eliminate the white residue in the black grout lines. First you may want to add a stone soap to your rinse water. Stone soap will clean the grout lines. If this proves ineffective you can add a small amount of black dye to... Read More

I have a granite kitchen counter top that is uneven. The top is made up of two slabs. The slabs are uneven where they join at the grout line. Can I grind the slab and even it out and more importantly can I match the existing shine?

You can grind the uneven counter flat but, I would first check to see why the slabs are uneven. It is possible that the plywood under the slabs has shifted or the granite was installed uneven. Check to make sure the slabs are secure. After the... Read More

When I polish a marble floor I am having trouble with the edges of the tile being shinier than the rest of the floor. This shiny edge is a thin line running from one corner of the tile. It appears to be on the low side of the tile where my diamon

The shiny edges are what we call “v” edges, since they normally form a “v” along two edges of the tile. You are correct in that these “v” edges are areas that are lower than the adjacent tile and your diamonds are not touching these areas... Read More

I was called to remove a heavy wax coating on a granite floor. I’ve discovered that the janitorial company has been stripping and waxing this floor for several years. The problem is the granite is developing small pits and appears to be falling

The problem may be with the strippers that have been used. Many strippers have an alkaline pH and this can lead to the deposit of alkaline salts in the pores of the granite. If the stripper is not rinsed throughly and any stripper residue is left... Read More

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