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We have Italian marble on the lobby floors in our commercial office buildings. Recently, we have noticed several problems: 1. Entire tiles are evenly discoloring yellow or grey and 2) Rust-like stains are appearing in an area near the door. What

The yellowing and graying of certain Italian and Greek white marbles is a common problem that I see all over the country. There are several possible causes for this condition: Maintenance technique-Take a close look at your maintenance program. Are... Read More

I have a white marble floor that has been coated with a polyurethane -- the same type that is applied to wood floors. What is the best method to remove the urethane? Can I grind it off or will I need to use a stripper of some sort?

Depending on how thick the urethane is you might be able to grind it off. Grinding can be difficult and can clog your abrasives. The best solution will be to chemically strip the tile. Use a stripper designed for removing polyurethane. Be careful... Read More

We just sealed our marble tile with a water-based sealer. There is now a light, rainbow-like film on the surface of the tile. I have used every cleaner I could purchase to try get it off, but it won’t budge. Any suggestions?

The sealer has left a hard silicone residue on the tile’s surface. To remove the excess silicone, the tile will have to be scrubbed with an abrasive cleaner. Several kitchen-type abrasive cleaners are available which will remove this film. If... Read More

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