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I have to restore an outdoor sign that is made of a black agglomerate marble, the sign is faded and is very gray. I performed a small test patch and I was successful at restoring the sign. The question I have is, what caused the agglomerate to fade a

Agglomerate marbles are made of a combination of marble chips and a polyester resin. Polyester resins are very sensitive to ultraviolet light(UV) and therefore should not be used outdoors. To answer your question, yes, the marble will fade in a very... Read More

I have to rehone and polish a black granite lobby floor located in an office building. Most of the granite is in good condition and doesn’t really need any work. The only area that is worn and dull is a path leading from the entrance door to th

To answer your question simply, yes, it is possible, but requires a great deal of experience and is very time consuming. At the time of this writing there are only several companies that can blend black granite with a factory appearance. The... Read More