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How long should I continue to poultice a stain?

There is no rule for the number of times a stain needs to be poultices. Generally if the stain is slowly disappearing I would continue to poultice. The average number of poultice applications will be about five. TIP If after the first two poultices... Read More

How often do I need to reseal my marble shower wall?

This depends on several factors, including how often the shower is used and what type of sealer was originally applied. After identifying the product, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If water is no longer beading on the shower... Read More

How much weight is required to hone and polish granite?

Depending on which machine you use the more weight the better. If your using a single disc machine use at least 75 pounds. It is important that your machine operate properly with the added weight. For this reason make sure you operate at least a 1 ½... Read More