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Can cracks in terrazzo be repaired? How?

Yes, cracks can be repaired. Depending on the width of the crack, it can be filled with a polyester resin. If the crack is small, clean it thoroughly with acetone, making sure to remove all dirt; a dental pick may prove useful here. After the crack... Read More

I have to restore an outdoor sign that is made of a black agglomerate marble, the sign is faded and is very gray. I performed a small test patch and I was successful at restoring the sign. The question I have is, what caused the agglomerate to fade a

Agglomerate marbles are made of a combination of marble chips and a polyester resin. Polyester resins are very sensitive to ultraviolet light(UV) and therefore should not be used outdoors. To answer your question, yes, the marble will fade in a very... Read More

I am having trouble coloring a polyester with black color. It seems that if I add too much color the polyester gets gummy and difficult to mix. I am trying to mix a deep black to match a repair in a black absolute granite, any suggestions?

If you mix too much color with polyesters they will get gummy. I would suggest purchasing a black polyester. These are available from your stone chemical supplier. You may also want to try using an artists oil color called “Lamp Black”. This is... Read More

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