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Can cracks in terrazzo be repaired? How?

Yes, cracks can be repaired. Depending on the width of the crack, it can be filled with a polyester resin. If the crack is small, clean it thoroughly with acetone, making sure to remove all dirt; a dental pick may prove useful here. After the crack... Read More

Is it possible to polish a terrazzo floor like marble?

Terrazzo is in fact a marble floor. Terrazzo is comprised of marble chips mixed with Portland cement and polishes just like a marble floor. Many terrazzo contractors hone the terrazzo to about a 80 or 120 grit and apply a wax coating. If you continue... Read More

I am having trouble polishing a travertine floor. I can get a good polish except for the fact that I have a lot of dull spots on the floor. Why is this and is there a way I can make the shine even across the surface?

Travertine is a marble that has a lot of holes. These holes are filed at the factory with a colored Portland cement. When you polish the marble the fillers do not take a polish. This is why you get dull spots. The only way to eliminate the dull spots... Read More

My granite floor appears to be developing cracks beneath its surface. These cracks do not go all the way through the tile, but can be seen only in a bright light and only at certain angles. It almost looks as if they’re cracking from the bottom

The condition you are describing is called compression cracking. It is caused by movement of the substrate to which the granite is attached. If the granite tile is set over a plywood floor supported by joists, movement in the floor may be responsible... Read More

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