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We have Italian marble on the lobby floors in our commercial office buildings. Recently, we have noticed several problems: 1. Entire tiles are evenly discoloring yellow or grey and 2) Rust-like stains are appearing in an area near the door. What

The yellowing and graying of certain Italian and Greek white marbles is a common problem that I see all over the country. There are several possible causes for this condition: Maintenance technique-Take a close look at your maintenance program. Are... Read More

After I finished grinding a marble floor with a 120 grit I noticed that the is grout missing. Can I replace the missing grout without removing all the grout? How do I match the color of the existing grout?

Yes, you can replace the missing grout. Be sure to use only unsanded grout . You will also need to wait 24 hours before proceeding with honing or you can wait until you have polished the floor and then replace the grout. Matching the color of the... Read More

I am having a lot of trouble trying to match the color on a norweign rose marble. The stone has a lot of chips that I need to fill and I can’t seem to get the color matched. Do you have any helpful hints?

You are probably using a white or buff colored polyester. These colored polyesters are hard to color since they have a bright translucent hue. The best polyester to use would be a transparent type. To mix the proper color you can purchase artists oil... Read More

My client has a terrible problem with hard water deposits in their ceramic tile shower. They were told that installing a water softener would solve this problem. What is your recommendation?

I definitely agree. A water softener will remove most of the minerals that cause hard-water deposits and they will probably use less soap and shampoo, avoiding soap build-up as well. A solution of vinegar and water will help remove the spotting, but... Read More

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