Alice Dean

Alice combines technical knowledge, creative writing, and digital media to create compelling content that converts prospects to customers.

Fabricators, installers, restoration contractors, inspectors, consultants, and other stone, tile, and surface industry professionals may possess incredibly impressive technical skills, extensive training, and years of experience, but when it comes to conversion, they need to be able to effectively communicate their competence to their target audience. As a SurpHaces Learning Institute instructor, Alice shares how to use actual job experiences and examples to connect people who have specific problems or needs (prospects and customers) with qualified people who have solutions (your business).

Alice has written dozens of articles, hundreds of case studies, and more. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing with a minor in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. Her surface industry education and training includes Fred Hueston’s Inspection and Troubleshooting and Historic Preservation courses, as well as hands-on courses at the SurpHaces Learning Institute.