It’s Time to Upgrade Your Skills

Perfect Your Stone and Tile Restoration Skills

[Article updated February 21, 2022]

Do you resolve year after year to get trained to learn, upgrade, or reinvent your floor and surface restoration skills? Are you determined to prepare yourself to offer additional (high dollar) services and make the coming years your best years yet?

Stone and tile restoration and maintenance services are in demand, because everywhere you go, there are floors, walls, countertops, and other surfaces that need professional attention. With the proper training, you can become a skilled artisan and provide cleaning, repair, restoration, and maintenance services that make a dramatic difference. People come from all over the globe to learn the art and science of stone and tile restoration at SurpHaces Learning Institute, and students rave about the quality of instruction and support they receive. In our training facility, you will get to experiment and learn how to work with the same types of floors and surfaces as jobs in the field.

The following courses are for the regular hands-on training. Additional stone restoration training courses, such as Commercial Maintenance, Advanced Stone Restoration, Stain Care PRO, and others, are available as eLearning courses through the eLearning Institute at

Hands-on Courses

Hands-on courses are where students come to the school facility to get their instruction after completing any prerequisite eLearning. Each student is assigned their own equipment, tools and floor or surface space.

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing
Tile and Grout Cleaning and Color Sealing services are in demand! This course covers all of the basics. The starting cost for offering these profitable services is low.

Essential Marble and Stone Restoration 
This is the foundational course for all the stone restoration courses. Learn the most efficient and productive ways to achieve excellent results.

Walls and Countertops
We recommend taking Walls and Countertops after the Essential Marble and Stone Restoration course, to reinforce what you’ve already learned, as well as understanding the nuances of working with hand tools in smaller spaces and vertical surfaces.

Master Course (includes all 3 Essential Hands-on courses)

Earn the Master Course Certificate and save on the cost of training with this 3-course bundle: Marble and Stone Floor Restoration, Natural Stone Walls and Countertops Restoration, and Tile & Grout Cleaning / Sealing and Color Sealing. The Master Course includes supplemental eLearning lessons plus an intensive four days of hands-on lab.

Granite Floor Restoration
If you are currently in the marble restoration business but have not yet mastered granite restoration, this is a course will help you understand what granite restoration processes will produce the desired results.

Engineered Stone Restoration

Sales of quartz (engineered stone) have skyrocketed. It can be repaired and restored, but there are key differences in repair and restoration methods compared to natural stone. Learn how to provide engineered stone restoration services, which are in high demand now.

For course details, pricing, to inquire about later dates, custom training, on-site training, or any other questions you have, please contact us online or call (877) 715.5313.